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The Travel Wizard, aka Laura Joselowsky began her travel career in 1989, in the age of paper tickets, telexes and when the fax was considered new age technology.

Gaining extensive experience in the corporate travel arena, she realized that personalized travel was far more rewarding. The The Travel Wizard focused exclusively on leisure travel, arranging dream vacations, honeymoons and special occasion trips. “Arranging that special holiday, which is custom made for each client is what makes this work rewarding,” says Laura.

In 2008, after a 7 year hiatus from the Travel industry, The Travel Wizard opened its doors to a new world of travel. Etickets, email, sms and internet had changed the face of travel and tourism.

Fortunately in that gap, the Kosher travel world has also grown exponentially, and it is The Travel Wizard’s aim to make traveling as a kosher observant tourist accessible to everyone. Knowing and understanding the limitations and stringencies that kosher travel imposes on us, the The Travel Wizard eases the burden and opens opportunities.

The Travel Wizard is a call away, and she eagerly awaits the opportunity to customize the holiday that suits you. The Travel Wizard guarantees professional and personalized service to all her valued clients.

The Travel Wizard
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