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The first "KOSHER MAURITIUS" group run by The Travel Wizard, was held at The Anahita Resort, Mauritius from 6 to 13 July 2011.

15 adults, 2 teenagers and 11 kids were treated to 7 days of as much sumptuous Kosher food as they could eat, expertly prepared by Anahita's professional chefs, in true Mauritian style.

The presence and diligence of the 2 Mashgichim ensured that all the food was prepared strictly accordingly to Kashrut requirements. 

This, together with the luxurious and spacious accommodation, friendly and efficient staff, and the fantastic facilities of the gym, spa, kids club, teens club and world famous Ernie Els Golf course, resulted in a week's holiday never to be forgotten.

"I wanted to thank you for a wonderful holiday. We all relaxed – but fully relaxed, some of us tanned, and we all             definitely put on weight with the incredible meals on offer three times a day! It was an absolute all-rounder,                   fantastic family vacation. The whole experience was superbly organised and managed, and the attention to detail astounded even me – the benchers on Friday night, and the grape juice AND wine for Kiddush being cases in point. All in all, an amazing week."       

Ilan Stermer - 22 July 2011

"I Wish I could tell you it was terrible so that you would feel better about not having come with…                                         But it was AWESOME!"

Bat-Ami Mandelberg - 02 August 2011 


“Laura did a wonderful job and took every detail into account. Hotel and accommodation were the best ever, excellent facilities for the children, great food. One of the greatest holidays we’ve had”                       

Shanee Orbach - 02 August 2011 







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